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    Imagine if your PC could run all the million-plus Android apps that your phone and tablet can…

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    What if those apps started to scale up and make your PC feel right at home with Android?

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Console OS

Introducing Console OS with Android™. We’ve taken Android apart, and put it back together for your PC. Console OS is a distribution of Android designed to take everything that has made mobile awesome, and bring it back to your PC.

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Production-grade Android on the Desktop

  • Industry-licensed, native Android that can really toggle with Windows on your PC
  • Raising Android up to be your primary PC operating system
  • Creating a touch-optional Android – and touch-friendly for massive multitouch displays
  • Perfect for existing PC tablets and 2-in-1 devices

Console OS Pro – Taking Android Even Farther

Console OS Pro will add over twenty killer premium features, including InstaSwitch.InstaSwitch will eventually facilitate switching instantaneously between native Windows and native Android, on your x86-based tablet or PC.

Easy to install

Install directly on your PC, or run it entirely from a USB external hard disk. All your apps, documents, even encryption can boot directly from a USB hard disk. Turn your PC into an Android, and never have to touch your Windows install. Want to boot Windows alongside Android from your internal drive? We fully support that, and our installer takes less than five minutes to pull that off, automagically.

Built for the Mainstream

Every thing in Console OS is built for a mainstream audience, and is designed for manufacturers – OEMs – to have a drop-in, native Android solution for their PCs. We’re going to be both Secure Boot and dm-verify – which means trusted computing that OEMs can ship alongside Windows.


Console OS is ready For action – See how we stack up to other Android-on-PC initiatives.

For Tablets Too

Powerful x86 tablets are awesome – but they only run Windows®, or they only run Android. Console OS empowers you to run both native Windows and native Android on the same device. We’ve built a version of Android that we completely control. So, we can drop it in and run Windows and Android side-by-side – plus enable two Android apps to run side-by-side, baking in a familiar app launcher and swipe motions too.

For Gamers Too

Console OS arms Android with the tools to grow into a true console-quality experience. Live at GDC, we showed off how OpenGL ES 3.1 (and eventually the full OpenGL 4 stack) will enable Console OS and Android to become a mainstream gaming platform. Why would you need another gaming OS when Android is already the most popular OS in the world.

From the application store process, to the user experience, we’ve been working for the past 24 months to remaster Android for the desktop. Our Kickstarter backers and others are helping to make it a revolution. Have a look at the successful Kickstarter, and sign up now for Console OS news and updates!


Console OS Founder Christopher Price tells us why he decided to debut Console OS on Kickstarter, what this means for Android app developers, gamers, geeks, and everyone else - and what to expect over the next year from Console OS with Android™.

Above video: Console OS Demos & Wins People’s Choice Award at Vator Splash

Imagine if your PC could run all the million-plus Android apps that your phone and tablet can? And, what if those apps started to scale up and make your PC feel right at home with Android? Console OS is all about raising Android up to be your primary PC operating system.

Android is the most popular operating system in the world today. More new devices are born with Android than anything else. We’re taking the next step and bringing Android back to the desktop. Now, with that in mind, what if you could toggle between native Android, and native Windows? That’s what the Console OS Kickstarter was raising money to pull off. Thanks to the early backers who are helping us make Android awesome!

Console OS Android on PC demo

Console OS Launch Video for Kickstarter!


Console OS is now open to all... click below to get access to Console OS Developer Release 1


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… I’m drawn to the idea of running multiple windowed Android apps side-by-side at high speed on the larger screen of an Intel-powered PC, and that’s something else Console OS promises to facilitate.


Console OS envisions a future in which users will have the freedom to switch seamlessly between productivity tasks on Windows and playing their favorite Android games on a wide range of devices.

About Us

Last year, we quietly shipped the most powerful Android™ device ever built. Now, we're taking that experience and feedback to remaster Android for an entire industry of PC devices.

  • Console OS

    CEO at Console, Inc., and Founder of iConsole.tv, Christopher Price leads the team behind Console OS with Android™ Inside, rebuilding Android™ to be a primary operating system for the PC and x86 tablets.

  • Console, Inc.

    Console, Inc. is the home of iConsole.tv. Console, Inc. has operated as a stealth startup, quietly opening up the gaming console and waging war on the walled gardens in technology today.

  • iConsole.tv

    The most powerful Android device on the market today, and with a dev kit that smokes any Android-powered device shipped to-date, iConsole.tv reinvents the gaming console and delivers unprecedented horsepower to your HDTV.

We’re taking Android™ in a different direction.

Join us as we launch Android on a whole new platform. We’ll keep you posted about the next update.

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